About Us

Woor-Dungin means ‘share’ in the language of the Gunnai people of south-eastern Victoria.

Sharing is the philosophy underpinning the Woor-Dungin model. Woor-Dungin is a living model for successful partnerships among Aboriginal community-controlled organisations and philanthropic and pro bono partners.


Our Vision is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their rich cultures to be acknowledged, valued and embraced by Australian society.

Our Mission is to increase resources, build strong partnerships and share knowledge to fulfil the purpose of Aboriginal community-controlled organisations.


Our Principles are:

  1. Self-determination: Aboriginal community-controlled organisations will determine their own future.
  2. Community development: We work to empower our partner Aboriginal community-controlled organisations by providing training, assisting with project development, giving feedback and advice, producing funding and resources guides, facilitating introductions to grantmakers, helping with acquittals and documenting impact, and providing ongoing support.
  3. Reconciliation: Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people work together to enable Woor-Dungin to realise our shared mission.
  4. Advocacy: We tackle structural issues on a systemic level. Our direct work with Aboriginal community-controlled organisations informs our advocacy and policy development.