New research shines a light on the ‘criminal records’ of children in care

New research shining a light on historical ‘criminalisation’ of Victorian children in care has been released by Professor Bronwyn Naylor of RMIT University’s Graduate School of Business and Law.

The paper, ‘‘Criminal records’ of children on being made wards of state’, shows that until 1991 there was significant overlap in the ways that the Victorian Children’s Court made child protection and sentencing orders, and protection orders appeared on the same register as sentencing orders. It is not clear that protection orders had the status of a criminal order but they seem to have often been experienced as if they were criminal. The welfare and criminal roles of the Children’s Court were separated by 1989.

Professor Naylor is a member of the Advisory Committee of Woor-Dungin’s Criminal Record Discrimination Project.

Read ‘‘Criminal records’ of children on being made wards of state’ here.