Our Founders

    Aunty Frances Bond

    Aunty Frances Bond was a proud Waka Waka/Kukuyalanji woman whose grandfather’s country was in Far North Queensland.  She made Victoria her second home, having first visited here with the Harold Blair Children’s Project for a holiday. Her principal goals were to educate and heal, and she undertook many activities toward this end.

        Doseena Fergie

        Doseena Fergie has lived in Victoria for the past 20 years with her family. Born and raised on Thursday Island, her Torres Strait ancestry comes from Mabuiag Island, her Aboriginal heritage from Wuthathi country, Cape York, and her Asian ancestry from Ambon in Indonesia.

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            Anne Jenkins

            Anne Jenkins is a Kamilaroi woman from north-western New South Wales. She has worked with the Indigenous community in the Yarra Valley for 23 years, and is a former chair of Woor-Dungin’s Committee of Management.

                Aunty Glenys Merry

                Aunty Glenys Merry, who sadly passed away in 2010, was a proud Taungerong woman and tireless worker, advocate, lobbyist and fighter for Aboriginal rights and recognition for her community.  She was recognized as an Elder for her family (Franklin-Hamilton) and community. She was born and raised in Yea and she lived the later part of her life in Lilydale in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

                    Christa Momot

                    Christa Momot is a founding member and the current Executive Officer of Woor-Dungin, and was Co-Chair from 2007 to 2012.

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                        Simone Spencer

                        Simone Spencer grew up in Dareton, NSW, 15 km north of Mildura. After completing school she went to Charles Sturt University, embarking on a Bachelor of Social Science in Justice Studies. Increasingly her focus shifted to youth work, and while at university she volunteered at the local youth centre.

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