Attendees at Woor-Dungin’s Income Generation and Resources Group workshop, 4 October 2017

Woor-Dungin’s latest Income Generation and Resources Group (IGRG) workshop was held on 4 October.

IGRG workshops are held quarterly and provide an opportunity for our Aboriginal community-controlled partner organisations to meet philanthropic grantmakers, pro bono service providers and student-placement supervisors.

Presenting at the latest workshop was Hayley Gallery, Charity Partner Manager at GoodCompany.

GoodCompany is a workplace-giving, charity-donation and skilled-volunteer platform founded in 1999.

Woor-Dungin’s partners consistently report finding IGRG workshops helpful and informative, and often follow up sessions with funding applications – sometimes with success.

Willum Warrain, for instance, applied for and received funding from CAGES Foundation for their Welcome Baby to Country initiative and for their bush playgroup, following EO Rachel Kerry’s presentation in April 2017. They also received funding from Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust’s Chris Friday Sub-Fund to help Aboriginal women fleeing domestic violence with rental bonds, following General Manager Carolyn Munckton’s presentation, also in April.

Tanderrum 2017. Photo courtesy of Sunarazzi Photography

The IGRG workshop was followed by a meeting with members of Towards a Just Society Fund, a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation, members of Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership (FIL) and members of Woor-Dungin’s partner organisations. The Towards a Just Society Fund is exploring ways of establishing an Aboriginal advisory committee to help inform its fund disbursement decisions.

The day was capped off with a visit by members of Woor-Dungin, our partner organisations and FIL to Federation Square to witness Tanderrum, a coming together of the five clans of the Central Kulin Nation co-presented by Woor-Dungin alumnus partner ILBIJERRI Theatre CompanyTanderrum opens the Melbourne Festival each year and has quickly become an essential part of it.

At this year’s Melbourne Festival, Woor-Dungin alumni partner ILBIJERRI Theatre Company is again co-presenting Tanderrum, a traditional Kulin song, dance, trade and cultural exchange ceremony. On opening night, five nations of the Eastern Kulin will come together to welcome local and international artists to perform on country.

ILBIJERRI was first approached in 2013 by Melbourne Festival to facilitate the creation of a new ceremony to engage audiences in a meaningful exchange with the traditional owners of Melbourne. Tanderrum, celebrating the proud and living culture of the land’s traditional owners, is the result.

See Tanderrum on Wednesday 5 October 2016, at 6:30 PM, at Federation Square, Melbourne.

To read more about Tanderrum, click here to go to ILBIJERRI’s website, or here to go to Melbourne Festival’s.

ILBIJERRI Which Way HomeILBIJERRI Theatre Company, one of Woor-Dungin’s alumni partners, is staging a new play at Northcote Town Hall, Melbourne, from 24 August to 3 September 2016.

Written by Katie Beckett, performed by Katie Beckett and Tony Briggs, and directed by Rachael Maza, Which Way Home draws on Katie Beckett’s personal memories of growing up with her single Aboriginal father.

Read more about Which Way Home and about other ILBIJERRI productions here.