FIL Emerging Leader Peter Aldenhoven (centre), with Wenzel (left) and Taneisha (right), at the 2017 FIL Leadership Awards. Image courtesy of Willum Warrain’s Facebook page

Congratulations to Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association President Peter Aldenhoven on becoming a 2017 Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership (FIL) Emerging Leader.

Willum Warrain is one of Woor-Dungin’s partner organisations, and Peter is a Woor-Dungin full member.

Two other Emerging Leaders were named as well, Kathryn Coff and Catherine Coysh.

The announcement was made at an evening reception organised by FIL at Treetops, Melbourne Museum, on 24 October.

Previous FIL Emerging Leaders have included Culture Is Life CEO Belinda Duarte, who collaborated with Peter on Woor-Dungin’s and FIL’s webinar ‘Right Way, Which Way, Wrong Way?’, and Weenthunga Health Network‘s Stephanie Armstrong, who is also a Woor-Dungin full member.

You can read more about FIL here.



Attendees at Woor-Dungin’s Income Generation and Resources Group workshop, 4 October 2017

Woor-Dungin’s latest Income Generation and Resources Group (IGRG) workshop was held on 4 October.

IGRG workshops are held quarterly and provide an opportunity for our Aboriginal community-controlled partner organisations to meet philanthropic grantmakers, pro bono service providers and student-placement supervisors.

Presenting at the latest workshop was Hayley Gallery, Charity Partner Manager at GoodCompany.

GoodCompany is a workplace-giving, charity-donation and skilled-volunteer platform founded in 1999.

Woor-Dungin’s partners consistently report finding IGRG workshops helpful and informative, and often follow up sessions with funding applications – sometimes with success.

Willum Warrain, for instance, applied for and received funding from CAGES Foundation for their Welcome Baby to Country initiative and for their bush playgroup, following EO Rachel Kerry’s presentation in April 2017. They also received funding from Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust’s Chris Friday Sub-Fund to help Aboriginal women fleeing domestic violence with rental bonds, following General Manager Carolyn Munckton’s presentation, also in April.

Tanderrum 2017. Photo courtesy of Sunarazzi Photography

The IGRG workshop was followed by a meeting with members of Towards a Just Society Fund, a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation, members of Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership (FIL) and members of Woor-Dungin’s partner organisations. The Towards a Just Society Fund is exploring ways of establishing an Aboriginal advisory committee to help inform its fund disbursement decisions.

The day was capped off with a visit by members of Woor-Dungin, our partner organisations and FIL to Federation Square to witness Tanderrum, a coming together of the five clans of the Central Kulin Nation co-presented by Woor-Dungin alumnus partner ILBIJERRI Theatre CompanyTanderrum opens the Melbourne Festival each year and has quickly become an essential part of it.

Willum Warrain's third birthday, 25 Mar 2017

On 25 March Willum Warrain celebrated their third birthday.

Willum Warrain is one of Woor-Dungin’s Aboriginal partner organisations.

Over 180 people attended the Gathering Place at Hastings on a beautiful sunny day.

The celebration began with a smoking ceremony, and during the BBQ a pair of wedge-tailed eagles were seen circling overhead.


Woor-Dungin wishes Willum Warrain many happy returns, and acknowledges their kind permission to reproduce photographs taken on the day.

For more information, please visit Willum Warrain’s Facebook page.

Bunjil launch at Willum Warrain with Minister Hunt

A magnificent statue of Bunjil, creator spirit of the peoples of the Kulin nations, was unveiled 28 April at Willum Warrain’s Gathering Place on the Mornington Peninsula.

Willum Warrain is one of Woor-Dungin’s Aboriginal partner organisations.

The sculpture, made by local artist Paul Mutimer, was funded through the generosity of the George Hicks Foundation.

The unveiling was attended by Federal Member for Flinders Greg Hunt.

Here is a report of the event courtesy of Willum Warrain’s Facebook page:

It was a wonderful event tonight at Willum Warrain with 100 or so people in attendance. Uncle Chris West from the Bunurong Land Council had some supportive comments to make whilst he did the Welcome to Country. Lionel, Nola, Jeanette, Wenzel and Neil did us proud with the smoking ceremony and water blessing.

Well done MC-ing and organising everything Karsten and Dawnie, Vicki and Anne for the catering.

We appreciated the kind words and participation from Greg Hunt, Bev Colomb and Stephanie Exton. Thanks to everyone who came and shared in the unveiling.

A big day for Willum Warrain!

Paul Mutimer, the sculptor, wasn’t able to be there to see his great statue unveiled but everyone loved his Bunjil. It was good that his wife and daughter were there instead.

Bunjil at Willum Warrain

The fabulous photographs also come from Willum Warrain’s Facebook page and are reproduced here with kind permission.

Read more about Willum Warrain here.

In late March 2017 members of Woor-Dungin’s partner organisation Willum Warrain, based in Hastings, Victoria, visited another of our partner organisations, Winda-Mara, on country in south-western Victoria. Here is the report, reproduced with kind permission, from Willum Warrain’s Facebook page:


Some of our mob went on a trip to Winda-Mara mob at Heywood the last few days. Thanks to Christa from Woor-Dungin for organising this visit to Gunditjmara country.

It was a really interesting to hear about Winda-Mara’s community organisation and their journey over the last 25 years. it helped a lot with our dreaming. We learnt heaps and it filled us with confidence for the future.

It was also a great privilege to have Michael Bell (a T.O.) take us out on country to see the old eel traps, the remnants of old stone huts and new ones – we also saw their eel trap design education building and the old Condah mission site, places both fascinating and deeply moving.

We hope to take community there to visit our friends in the future.


Woor-Dungin and our partner organisations attach great importance to visits and meetings on country. They signify respect on the part of the visitors and are an opportunity for the hosts proudly to show their country to others.





Click here to go to Willum Warrain’s Facebook page.

Click here to go Winda-Mara’s website.