Uncle Larry Walsh’s story on NITV

Photo of Uncle Larry by Beata Mazur, courtesy NITV


Uncle Larry Walsh, the Taungurung man whose powerful story has provided vital impetus to Woor-Dungin’s Criminal Record Discrimination Project, has now had that story published on NITV.

Uncle Larry is one of thousands of Stolen Generations children who have had their lives permanently affected after they were charged and given criminal records under state government policies that systematically deemed it a crime to be an Indigenous child in ‘need of protection’.

Andrew Jackomos, Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People, called on the government to remove the charges from people’s records.

“Frankly I’m appalled that the judicial system would criminalise children, and disproportionately Aboriginal children who were removed or stolen because of the colour of their skin. I don’t think it’s too late now for the government of today to make amends to give people the justice they deserve.”

Read Uncle Larry’s story on NITV here.