Woor-Dungin partners meet on country

In late March 2017 members of Woor-Dungin’s partner organisation Willum Warrain, based in Hastings, Victoria, visited another of our partner organisations, Winda-Mara, on country in south-western Victoria. Here is the report, reproduced with kind permission, from Willum Warrain’s Facebook page:


Some of our mob went on a trip to Winda-Mara mob at Heywood the last few days. Thanks to Christa from Woor-Dungin for organising this visit to Gunditjmara country.

It was a really interesting to hear about Winda-Mara’s community organisation and their journey over the last 25 years. it helped a lot with our dreaming. We learnt heaps and it filled us with confidence for the future.

It was also a great privilege to have Michael Bell (a T.O.) take us out on country to see the old eel traps, the remnants of old stone huts and new ones – we also saw their eel trap design education building and the old Condah mission site, places both fascinating and deeply moving.

We hope to take community there to visit our friends in the future.


Woor-Dungin and our partner organisations attach great importance to visits and meetings on country. They signify respect on the part of the visitors and are an opportunity for the hosts proudly to show their country to others.





Click here to go to Willum Warrain’s Facebook page.

Click here to go Winda-Mara’s website.