Woor-Dungin presents ‘How can philanthropy walk with us?’ at IFIP Pacific Regional Hui

IFIP Pacific Regional Hui, Otaki, NZ 8-9 May 2017


On 9 May Woor-Dungin presented a session at the International Funders for Indigenous Peoples’ Pacific Regional Hui (‘gathering’) in Otaki, New Zealand, titled ‘How can philanthropy walk with us? A key to successful philanthropy with Aboriginal communities’.

Woor-Dungin’s presenters spoke about what philanthropy can do to work more effectively with Aboriginal community-controlled organisations to build respectful relationships and ensure successful outcomes. Central to this is the concept of dadirri, or ‘deep listening’ – listening with all the senses.

The message to philanthropy was summed up in the following simple but powerful words:

“Walk with us.
Not in front of us, not behind us, and definitely not over us.”

‘How can philanthropy walk with us?’ was received with great interest by the other presenters and by representatives of philanthropy in the audience. It was reportedly one of the highlights of the hui.

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) is the only global donor affinity group dedicated solely to Indigenous peoples around the world. The New Zealand hui was one of 14 major conferences IFIP has organised over the past 17 years, bringing thousands of donors and Indigenous leaders together.

Woor-Dungin’s Executive Officer, Christa Momot, was on the hui’s organising committee.

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Photo of hui participants courtesy of IFIP Pacific Regional Hui’s Facebook page.