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Thank you for attending THIS GATHERING

This year, we had an amazing turnout with representatives from 17 Aboriginal organisations and 10 philanthropic groups. The energy was incredible as we came together to share and learn from each other be it from elders sharing inspiring insights, passionate young individuals just starting out or philanthropists doing things differently in the sector. These stories sparked great conversations and a deeper understanding of the work being done across our communities.

One of the highlights was hearing from the Bendigo District Aboriginal Corporation on their "we know what we are doing and we will find a way of doing it" attitude and the beautiful walk with Dja Dja Wurrung, showcasing their innovative land and water management practices. The panel with our philanthropic friends helped foster genuine connections and understanding, paving the way for future support and collaborations.

A big thank you to Equity Trustees, Freemason’s Foundation, and Bank Australia for their generous support, which made this event possible. And exciting news – thanks to another grant from Equity Trustees, we’re already planning the 2025 gathering!

Your feedback on what you appreciated or think we could do better is crucial for this planning. Your insights will help us improve next year’s event and make our yarning circles and other offerings even more relevant.          PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU THINK --------------------->

As agreed, click the button for the participant list.

We hope it helps you keep the conversations and collaborations going until we see you at the next Woor-Dungin event.


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