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The Woor-Dungin Model

“Walk with us.
Not in front of us, not behind us,

and definitely not over us.”

Robyne Latham, Former Vice Chair of Woor -Dungin
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What is unique about our model is the long term relationships we establish with communities and with the resource providers we secure to work alongside us with communities.

The specifics of our involvement is always generated by the communities in accordance with their self determined goals and means for achieving them. Walking With Community defines our involvement.

We actively engage with many Aboriginal Controlled Community Organisations (ACCOs) throughout Victoria through regularly scheduled remote Yarning Circles, On Country Visits and Hosting Workshops. This broad approach also leads to more intensive involvement with specific ACCOs as needed.  

The purpose of the Yarning circles is to provide a forum for sharing and discussion of individual and common issues and needs. Woor-Dungin's role is to assist in securing the financial and pro bono resources, including resources which Woor-Dungin staff and volunteers can provide, to meet the needs. An online Community of Practice methodology has been established which promotes continued interaction and exchange of information between meetings. 

The purpose of the on country visits is to bring potential donors and pro bono providers to ACCOs to meet with the community, hear what it is trying to achieve and develop the relationships and engagement through which the community can reach its goals.

We host workshops with groups of ACCOs in order to provide training on topics of general interest or to develop coalitions when communities have identified issues for which advocacy is necessary. Woor-Dungin also provides an Aboriginal developed and led workshop “Decolonising Wealth, Cultural Audit Toolkit" and other resources to facilitate philanthropy’s utilisation of a decolonised approach to working with First Nations peoples.

We simultaneously work with mob in developing the skills needed to secure philanthropic funds. 

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